The Slam Africa Queen of 2009, Wanjiku Mwaurah (born 1989), is a natural performer. Her poems as well as her delivery style are characterized by a simplicity that reaches the audience directly. She has performed alongside some of the leading South African Poets like Mphutlane Wa Bofelo, Qbibo Intalektual (Swaziland), Napo Masheane (South Africa) at the Johannesburg Arts alive international festival in Sept. 2010 and at Jukwaani Nairobi 2009, Sawa Sawa Festival 2011, SAMOSA Festival 2012 and was one of the guest artists at Story Moja Hay Festival 2012. In Nairobi one might find her at Kwani? Open Mic, Poetry Spot, Slam Africa or Ignite Poets. She has also appeared on KTN, Citizen TV and on Capital FM’s ‘Soul Inc’. She goes beyond poetry and has been involved in awareness raising campaigns for the cerebral palsy condition (art4acause-2010) while playing mentor for many upcoming artists in the field. She published The Flow of My Soul, writes screen plays and facilitates poetry workshops.

Dark Existence

Breaking the dawn with half-hearted rays
Like a still-born being birthed
Your infertile thoughts
Struggle through the wall of darkness
To create a being, nondescript
Thoughts that matches the black in oil
Sleek and slippery determined to soil
Spill over, distracting the frequency of the universe
Your intellectual obsolescence turns our heads downwards
At having lost a mind so fine.
Your being is a blessed curse,
A life with patches of pain over pain.
Thoughts of you darken the day
With your very existence
You put out the sun


March 4th
Unmistakably unforgettable
As she touched me
Slowly at first
Exploring my face
I thought she cared
I thought I was hurt
She just touched
She took my hand
Drew a map and smiled at me
I thought this was a new found game
Then I touched
Her nipples first
She threw her head back
Slowly sighing
Looks exchanged
I was lost
She touched me there
I can’t say where
I was confused
‘It will be ok’
‘But this is wrong’
‘No, it’s just fine’
She touched me
She touched her
She made sounds
I thought she cried
She hit me there
I had woken up
It felt nice
I knew it would be alright

She hit me
Made me swear nothing happened
In an hour my mother was home
In an hour, we wouldn’t talk
In an hour, our eyes won’t meet
In an hour it would all be over
In an hour I will be eight again
My mother will hug her boy
In an hour I will push back March 4th
For in the morning she will be gone
She planned to go
She told me she’d miss me
I looked away
At my mother
I knew I’d be safe
Mother would stay home
It was March 5th

Breathe me

Open up your lungs to air surrounding us
Slowly take it in then out then in again and hold.
Take me in.
Open up your mind to the curling thoughts
Slowly from my lips to your ears
Allow them to travel to your brain.
Welcome them
Accommodate them and send them on their way
Guided by your thoughts, safely.
From your head to mine I wait
Open up your lips allow not just your thoughts
But, the slight tremor to tell me what you mean.

Open up
To the possibilities beckoning you
To the dreams that soar between you and i
To the warmth our thoughts create

Open up
To opening up about my quest to open up to you
Open up to my vulnerability
Open up to my strengths
Open up and let me feed off yours

feed off mine
Lets feed off each other
Open up
And breathe me