Namatsi Lukoye (born 1984) is a poet, fashion maniac, an event’s organizer and Communication Officer of Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya. She started performing in 2010 and since then has graced many events around Nairobi. She founded Hisia Zangu Poetry group which moved from doing just performances to analyzing works of written art. She also started Street Poetry events held at Aga Khan, whose objective was to open up poetry to random people passing in the streets. She is a graduate of International Relations and Mass Communication hence her poems revolve around liberation. She will be launching her first spoken word album in November 2013 alongside JadeKD band. She fuses spoken word with music which she calls so-em (song-poem).


He wakes up in the morning
Still wonders how it feels like to throw away a dish
So he makes a wish
Not broken but hopeful that today his mother will not drag him to the streets
Make him hold her cup and ask him to beg
That he will be bold and brave, he will ask her Stop
That’s not the kind of thing he wants to repeatedly do
That he had a father figure not only to rescue him or call him my son
But a man who understands what it really means to a man
And even without, he will believe in himself
For that, is the way of the champ

Sometime a affords to dream
Even when he sleeps on the streets exposed to horrific screams
Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
He hopes that his dreams will one day come true to make him the cream del a cream
A candle in darkness
And give him something as precious as the power of making a choice, making a difference
And earning the right of being remembered
He talks in his dreams saying things like
I will never quit
And because he has been through it
His dreams paint cities of chained attitudes between men
A heaven on earth
And that…
That is the way of the champ

Sometimes a child whispers a prayer
That she could forget the wall of hate
Cemented by bitterness in her heart
She prays for protection
In this world of great revelation
That someone would give her some attention
Point the direction
So she may see the connection
Of things
That the light would shine more than her darkness
So she may find herself and blossom into a queen
No longer would she have to give away her seed or viciously scream STOP!
But she could understand what it means to be grateful to be alive
And look forward to be a river of life
Living and sweating to be… and give love

Sometimes craves for attention
Waiting to be told that she is a seed growing into a tree
And that the heart of a champion lies also in her
To be offered more than what they touch and see
Like hope
A world of possibilities so they can see there is ability in inabilities
And to be taught that champions fall too
Yes they even cry… but they repeatedly do greatness because excellence is not an act but a habit
The way of the champ
Is to never give up
When he sees a bump
He moves on with a bump and that
Is the way of the champ


My mother taught me that , of all the things to be in this world
The greatest of them all is to be myself
To have every ounce of me spark greatness
From the marrows deep, to the skin that is seen
It is my innate abilities that defines who I am
It is the greatness inside of me
The wind in my lungs
The motion of my blood
The dance of my heart… when it beats!
I am golden
Don’t lose this for any reason, she said
But I almost lost me

It is my unseen potential
That will make me more than just flesh and bones
Make me a superhero, a prodigy undiscovered, I am a wonder woman
I am magic
Golden golden not less than the stars of the sky
But I almost lost me
Thinking that I was place on this earth for his sake

So Rising tide carry me Cover me, and scare them away
Because I cannot breathe yet the air is so fresh!
It’s like a bee it stings my lungs
The light of laughter embarrasses my tears…
I dare not cry for something seen as normal
Crying is easy… it should be medicine
How do I tell my mother that I almost lost me… trying to please another

He says he likes how her waist moves to the beats of chakacha
Pretty mama of high seas
He says she is very spicy… her laughter kind of spicy
So I live in her shadow… Miss Cinderella
He says there is something about the scent of her perfume
Her smile with her nice teeth…
Her voice is just like ice-cream
And her touch… her laugh… he says she is a god… calls her in her sleep
So I hate the mirror… the image it reflects
For the changes and memories life has stolen from me
I swear… crying should be medicine

He is only mine in dreams, its only dreams when he touches like I am a woman
And I loved him, yes, more than I loved me, ask the angels it amazes them
But her loves her charm more than he loves me
So it is killing me inside
I am losing me wishing that I was her
Forgetting that she is not half of me
Curse love, why it hurts so much

My mother asked me… my golden child, are you still with him?
I said no; I lied and I died


She is every element of life
Earth, air, water… she is fire
She has the softest lips and the curviest of hips
Her eyes spark greatness each time she blinks
They see right into the soul, yet she is so full of mystery
Her charm is corrupted by some darkness…
You can only swim in her waters of doubt…
Because you can never figure her out
She walks with a swing and a stride that shakes the whole earth
Towers as beautiful as breasts, as thick as thighs
Growing higher to touch the sky
And men run to her, yes, just to sip her seeds
Sweat and toil in the dirt, just to make it
Pregnant with expectations and dreams of a nation
Her simplicity is her complex nature
She is earth
She is everything every woman dreams to be…
But sometimes she forgets that she is earth!
Nairobi, I heard them call her

She is air
Her voice
Is hidden in winds stuck in her lungs
For she is trapped in silence hoping the world can read her eyes
It never does… and a star falls each time
Escorted by the tears of this maiden losing hope…
She has so much to say… but doesn’t know how to start
Or how to say it… she thinks that she is cursed
A prisoner of words, of melodies, deeply held in their thrall
And yet… she is air
She feels like she has no way to show how bright she can shine
When she is the song on our lips
The beat that makes us shake our ribs and swing our hips
But she is slipping from our fingertips… dust to dust… dawn to dusk! ash
Entertaining shadows that slice and rob her confidence
It’s like she mocks us each time we stand in the streets
She is so tired of change being an unchanging beast
I saw it when she laughed
In that beautiful smile… in the cares of the breeze
Nairobi, we have to tame her

She is water
Alive each minute of the day
Each being harder than the previous
She can slap you with a kiss, carry you to the sky and hide you in some intense orgasms!
Or beat you to a pulp in the alleys of hell… and leave you die without the word sorry
Raging waterfall!
For some reason she has this anger inside her
Her beauty is her curse, she is like karma!
You cannot keep you up… unless you learn how to trick her
It is painful to compare sometimes
This is our real story;
Mseto wa dunia ni hali ya kuajabia (the state of the world is in shocking)
Ubaya tunaosifia ndiyo makaa tunayojipalia (are praising wrongs and killing ourselves)
Mwenye uadibu huitwa zuzu, na sifa huaribiwa (Good people are seen as idiots and their reputation destroyed)
Wanauhubiria Bibilia, wanamatendo ya kuajabia (Those who preach the bible have shocking actions)
Ajabu ni siri za ngono, kwa wimbo watoto kukawasambazia (Don’t be shocked but our children understand the secret of love)
Wakidegua viuno… jamani hata mababu wanashangilia (even grandfathers rejoice over a young child dancing)
Mbwa, punda, kuku ngombe bila haya tunawapandilia, (we are having sex with animals, dogsdonkies even cows without any shame)
Najawa na fadhaa, falsafa hii mpya nikifikiria (I am sadden by these events)
Maisha sasa ni kitendawili tusichoweza kutegua (Life is a riddle hard to solve)
Kifo ndiye rafiki aushi, anayetuliza maradhi haya ya kichaa (death is the only friend who will heal these crazy disease)
So she dies from within…
Now the stench of her corpse is too hard to conceal
The cancer killing her… sometimes it is that serious but
She has to smile and pretend that all is well
Nairobi, we have to find her

She is fire
So beneath all these walls, she has a wonderful heart, Moving
As beautiful as the cry of a new born child!
Her soul is enchanting
She has a big dream! She is the big dream! Carrying visions and illusions
The kind of dream that wakes a prisoner smiling… crying freedom
I felt it when she held my hand, in her embrace, in her kiss
She is fire… blazing higher to touch the sky
And I believe in her you see, for now she is all I know… she is all I have
So I painted her a poem, a beautiful poem
I sank it in the vocals of my handsome brothers……
She is fire
I made the crowd silent for the respect she deserves
Now look at her turn,
And watch her smile,
Watch her raise her fist! Listen to what she has to say…
Give me a revolution! Worth being televised!
Give me a revolution! Worth being televised!
Hold the sun so I may see it meet the moon
Place me on a cloud… where the winds of change make love
Watch me burn… watch me bleed… watch me heal
For change
I want change in the way my children live
Change in what in what is expressed… it is not always about sex and drugs
I want growth of the mind and of the spiritual being
I want change in the media… the channel of communication
I want, I need, I live, I dream, I hope, I see, I pray… for this revolution
Watch me burn… watch me bleed… watch me heal
Give me a revolution! Worth being televised!
Give me a revolution! Worth being televised!