Since 1998, the Berlin-based artist Diamantino Feijo Diamondog has been known as a major player in the European and Brazilian conscious rap and hip-hop scene. The Angola born (1980) journalist and documentary filmmaker studied Visual and Media Anthropology. Diamondog spent many years in Brazil, to where he returns frequently still, musically as well. Diamondog concerts are a worldwide journey between hip-hop, reggae and traditional influences of African and Latin American music. He collaborated on concerts in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland and Brazil, with artists such as Afrika Bambaataa, Marcelo D2 and DJ Primo, among others during the Pop Rock Festival 2004 in Brazil. His live band enriches his repertoire to include elements ranging from jazz all the way to global sound. Diamondog raps in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

#I See the Light#

Listen Up and Roll the drums for Diamondog/
With good vibe I spread from my bongo Peace and love/
Like in the jungle I spread the vibe and I dance for Jah/
If you fight for justice we can get down /
because I don'tgive a fuck for sucker MCS around/
This is How I do/
This is how I live/
and you can check/

----Do you know how it is/--- so you better know----- THAT I deserve RESPECT/
Good vibration always follow me/ me
Me and my people to escape trouble as you can see/ see
Cause the most important is the believe/
that tomorrow will be better and everything we will achieve/
Nevertheless ----my people we need---/ stand up/
Wake up/

----Against situations ---/ fucked up/
With demos in the street/ posters in the street/
No matter whats will come up fuck the police/
Democracy is based on the freedom of speech/
And I speak that/ to maintain the peace we have to switch/
the power/
The press/
The political interest/
and the inequality /---cause the colonialism---/ ---belong to the past/ (delay)
I say I see the light --at the end-- of the tunnel/
And I believe that we can ---survive--- out of -- this Babylon-/
And my fight against the political babel
Will continuous show you the truth ----and everything that is wrong/ (delay)
Those who kill my people with Hunger
remove them
Those who kill my people with corruption
remove them
Those who kill my people with Guns

#Born in the guetto#

I Was Born in a neighbourhood called Cazenga/
Like the brasilian swell know know favela/
A real guetto real even hardcore place to stay/
and when the people have a chance they decide togo away/
The place is fucking dirty/
but the people are not guilty/
and Who should take care the people don't give a shit/
So many troubles/ transform the place/ like a jungle/
and the absence of the government is part of the everyday struggle/

There is no water, sanitation and asphalt/
no illumination to prevent robbery and assault/
No good schools, Sport court/
No hospital ambulence and public transport/
The live Is hard and we grow up like fucking soldiers/
Seeing a lot of shit when we were teenagers/
Anyway I still love the place and the my people out there/
But I hate those who should provide good conditions and the well fair/

#Mãos empunhando ( segurando) caneta#

Mãos empunhando caneta/ a revolução vem com a mente aberta/
Para o saber se entreter a ler e a escrever/ ou por escrever/ ler se entreter com saber/
tanto faz ta na mesma/
Mãos empunhando ( segurando) caneta
Mãos empunhando caneta/ a revolução vem com a mente aberta
Para o saber se entreter a ler e a escrever/ ou por escrever/ ler se entreter com saber/
tanto faz ta na mesma/
Estudando trabalhando/ no jogo se destacando/
Rumo ao progresso/ abriu-se a porta pro sucesso/
Justiça e igualdade para que não haja retrocesso
A chave pra mudança temos todos nós reconhecemos
O poder da expressão da nossa voz/ é preciso cultivar a tolerância/
Que as crianças aprendam isso na infância
Opção de comportamento tive com pouca idade aprendi a
Chegar e preservar minha identidade...