First thing in the morning: LNess, Octopizzo, Diamondog and MC Kah went to the Youth Detention Facility to offer a workshop for the detained.. 4 hours in prison, youths writing lines, rhymes and asking lots of questions about Kenya and life in Nairobi… Also these kids are offering support to the Maono Cultural Group and collected money for the studio that is being built in Dandora!

and next stop: event at Literaturwerkstatt!
Antije Krog was an amazing moderator for this evening! and again, a huge very interested audience coming together. Christian Filips and Octopizzo presented there two short videosIMG_9413_result

videos of non-pronounced understanding, silence and observations all in one.
Sitawa, Birgit Kreipe and LNess
in the meantime L-Ness explained quickly what a beat, the flow and a bar is, and how she manages to put as many content as possible in one track…
Checkmate, Josefine Berkholz and Ogutu presenting their translation:IMG_9471_resultIMG_9472_result
afterwards: Party at Literaturwerkstatt until the beer was finished…